Why Energy-Efficient Windows are Must-Haves for Winter

Winter is coming, which means the cold weather will be here soon. Unfortunately, single pane glass windows are not as effective as double pane glass windows, especially during harsh weather. Prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming winter season with Advanced Window Products’ energy-efficient windows. With increased storm protection and reduced utility bills and allergens entering your home, our energy-efficient windows are a must-have for winter.

Increased Storm Protection

Depending on your location, winter can be extremely violent and cause damage to your home. Protect your home and family with our energy-efficient windows. At Advanced Window Products, we offer a wide selection of double pane glass windows. This provides added protection for whatever weather may come your way. The impact resistant glass can withstand winds and forces up to 150 mph and our tempered glass is 8.5 times stronger than standard window glass.

Save on Electricity Bills

Due to the insulation quality of our energy-efficient windows, your utility bills can significantly decrease during the winter season. The double pane glass paired with our LoE coating helps keep the warm air inside your home and the cold air outside. Live comfortably inside your home without adjusting the thermostat and worrying about the added energy costs.

Energy-Efficient Windows Reduce Dust and Allergens

Cold air is not the only issue during winter, allergy season is in full swing and without the proper windows, dust particles and other allergens can make their way into your home, greatly affecting your health. Fortunately, our selection of energy-efficient windows have interlocking meeting rails and triple weather-stripping. This combination dramatically reduces the amount of outside dust, pollen and other allergens, providing you with a healthy home environment.


Protect your home and family from the harsh winter weather with our energy-efficient windows. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.


Window Insulation Tips

Although not as effective as energy-efficient windows, you can add some protection by insulating your windows with these simple tips. 

  • Window Insulation Film – Create a barrier between the interior of your home and windows. 
  • Bubble Wrap – Ironically, bubble wrap is a beneficial, cost effective way to insulate your windows. Simply spray your window with water and place bubble wrap on top of the wet area. Unfortunately, once removed, this can lift paint so we suggest taking extra precaution. 
  • Thermal curtains – Thermal curtains block out light and reduce noise, while keeping the warm air in.