Hurricane Strong: Top Reasons to Install Hurricane Impact Windows in Your Home

Did your windows shatter because of Hurricane Harvey, or remain intact? No matter what toll the recent hurricane took on you and your home, there’s a better way to stay safe and sound in the future. Learn how hurricane resistant windows can increase your safety, and allow you to save energy costs year-round, and for decades to come.

When a Hurricane Comes Your Way, Will Your Windows Stand Up To The Test?

According to the Harris County Office of Homeland Security, Hurricane Harvey destroyed 30,000-40,000 homes, along with claiming the lives of dozens of Houstonians. Whether you were one of the 100,000 people who experienced significant wind damage due to shattered windows or you simply know someone that has, there’s no time like the present to change the future. The following hurricane impact windows benefits will save you time, money and provide peace of mind.

Hurricane Resistant Protection Your Family Depends On

The most important (and life-saving) benefit of Houston impact windows is protection and preservation from high winds so your family remains safe at all times. Impact windows will remove the vulnerability of your family’s safety because they are designed with multiple layers of material, which prevents shattering glass (even during 155 mph winds). This high-quality Houston impact windows design doesn’t just prevent a hurricane from harming your loved ones. It also reduces the chance a robber can break in as well, and minimize outside noise so you can relax at home with peace and quiet.  

Your Houston Energy Efficient Windows Guarantee

When the hot weather hits in Houston, your electricity bill goes up—unless you invest in impact windows. Impact resistant windows is an investment that saves you money, year-round.  You’ll stay cool and dry while reducing your bill because it reduces solar heat during the summer (and even retains heat during the winter months!) The end result? A savings of hundreds—if not thousands—each year on your electricity bill.

AWP Windows Provides A Window Replacement Promise You Can Count On

Look no further for your Houston window replacement company, because AWP Windows has you covered. From vinyl replacement windows to Houston energy efficient windows and Houston hurricane resistant windows, they’ll install the highest quality windows you need to ensure your family’s safety—no matter how strong the winds blow. Contact AWP today for a free consultation (and take advantage on their hurricane impact windows sale while you can!)