6 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

From June 1 to November 30, coastal residing homeowners remain guarded as they should. Hurricane season is not fun for anyone, especially when multiple hurricanes make landfall in one season. The pain of hurricane season has a lot to do with preparation and repair. It doesn’t take many years in Houston to realize the need for hurricane impact windows.

The difference between hurricane impact windows and regular windows is that impact windows are put through a series of scrupulous trials to test how durable the window is in the instance of a hurricane. They are designed to be able to manage flying debris and powerful wind forces. While they are not guaranteed to last through any hurricane there will ever be, they are certainly more hurricane prepared than normal windows. Other than being hurricane-strong, hurricane impact windows offer year-round perks. 


They Block 99% of transmitted UV light

You may have noticed that in some homes, the furniture hit by the sunlight peering from a window displays some sort of damage. The damage is typically directly in the line of where the sunlight hits the furniture. The cause of this type of furniture damage has nothing to do with wear and tear but with the UV light that peers through susceptible windows. Impact windows, however, guard against UV light, allowing for the preservation of your furniture and protection against UV rays for your skin.  


Protection Against Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms.

We experience storms year round and not all are predictable in severity. Impact windows provide protection through various storms including hail, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, tropical thunderstorms and anything closely related in intensity to hurricanes. You don’t have to worry about guarding your windows as much as you would have to with normal windows, therefore the return on investment in this regard is year-round ease. You don’t have to worry about your windows being the first thing to go in case of an unforeseen intense weather event. 


Sound Insulation

A particularly enjoyable feature of hurricane impact windows is the noise cancellation feature. Whether you are near a lot of traffic or find yourself battling construction noise on the daily, the days of feeling like there is absolutely no divider between you and all of the ruckus that can go on outdoors are over with hurricane impact windows. With these windows, thunderstorms aren’t as loud and neither are the outdoor noises you might ordinarily hear from inside your home. 


 Intrusion Resistance

Because hurricane impact windows are made to withstand intense wind speed and tossed about debris at high speeds, they are able to withstand pretty severe forms of impact. When impacted, no matter how strong the force, these windows don’t shatter. Instead, when impact windows are struck hard enough, they splinter, leaving spider web-like cracks in the window. Impact windows contain multiple layers of glass that is separated by a plastic interlayer. This plastic interlayer holds the glass together after impact leaving homeowners no glass shards to clean in the case of severe damage to the window.  


One-time installation

One popular option for hurricane-proofing windows is hurricane shutters. While they can be very beneficial to normal windows in the case of a hurricane, it can be rather inconvenient to have to take them on and off every time there’s a major storm. This is the case even more so when the predicted hurricane’s don’t make landfall at all. Hurricane impact windows only require one installation. There’s no need to take any part of the window off and place it back on in the event of an intense thunderstorm. They are just as protective as they are in the first storm they go through as they will be every other storm they go through. 


Pristine Appearance  

It’s natural to resort to window-covering methods by which to protect your windows when prepping your home for a big hurricane. Hurricane windows, however, aren’t required to be covered by anything. In the event that the power goes out during a storm, you won’t be sitting in the complete pitch black night because of the hurricane shutters covering your window. While covering up your windows can be beneficial for safety reasons no matter what kind of window you have, with impact windows there is not as urgent of a need to because they are able to withstand hurricane force. Impact Windows have been tested to do so.  


Hurricane season can be long, drawn out, and stressful. When you have windows that aren’t well protected, you give yourself another additional worry in the midst of the other hurricane-prepping tasks you have to do. AWP Windows in Houston provides hurricane proof, impact resistant windows designed to protect your home and household members therein. If you’d like a free in-home consultation for hurricane impact windows, contact AWP windows today.