Preparing Your Windows for Winter

With colder temperatures rolling in, it can be a challenge to keep your home warm. Even if your area doesn’t see sub-zero temperatures, there are some important ways to keep the chill out and keep your electric bills low during the Winter months.

Checking for leaks in the insulation of your windows and doors can keep warm air from escaping. When a door or window isn’t properly sealed, any leaking air can waste up to 15% of your home’s ability to stay heated and waste your energy dollars. Examine your windows, doors, duct, hose, and plumbing vent in your home to check for any leaks.

Thick, thermal drapes can go a long way in further insulating your windows, especially if your home features large windows. These can also be useful in keeping your home cool in the summer.

Many homes, especially older ones, feature outdated, single-pane windows that offer lackluster insulation. Modern, double-paned windows improve your home’s ability to maintain heated or cooled air, along with a range of other benefits. Plus, installation by trained professionals can ensure that your home is receiving the full benefit of your windows. Even a small misalignment or leak can cost you a significant amount of energy over the life of your home.

Insulated Windows from AWP

At AWP Windows, we offer modern, energy efficient windows that can reduce your energy bills, bring superior insulation to your home, and many other benefits. View the many benefits of energy efficient windows and contact us today to learn more about how we can get your home ready to excel in any season.