Window Tips & Tricks to Stay Warm During the Winter

Good windows keep the cold air out and the warm air inside during the winter. Windows are, however, just that; windows. They are not made to provide any heat within themselves, hence the reason why if it’s cold outside the atmosphere in your home during the winter will inevitably be more chilly. Needless to say, there are steps you can take to minimize your reliance on a heater during the freezing cold season. Here are a few tips and tricks to abide by that are guaranteed to keep the warm air inside of your home during the winter.  


Tip #1: Ensure that All Fixtures and Fittings are Tightened  


Before blaming your ac unit for its supposed less than stellar performance in keeping your home warm, consider your window installation. Make sure you check your windows to ensure that all screws are tight, allowing for your window to operate at its best capability.


Tip #2: Test for Drafts


Testing for drafts is a great way to make sure that your windows are insulated well and operating at their best. There is no trick in the book more revealing than the candle trick. Simply take a lit candle and wave it around the four corners of your windows. If you see the flame move or completely go out, it signals the air movement pushing through the window from the outdoors.

If you do notice that your window does have a slight draft, check the caulk on the outside of the window frame. If it is badly chipped or has large sections of it that are missing, it could be time to have it redone.  


Tip #3: Replacement Windows


If you notice signs that it could be time to replace your windows altogether, the sooner you can get it replaced the better. At AWP Windows in Houston, we offer quick, custom, no-mess window installation that will have your home ready to endure the cold while providing you with the best heat insulation.  


Make Sure Your Windows Are Protecting You from the Cold!
Don’t enter into the winter season with windows that meerely serve to keep the bugs from entering your home. Ensure that your windows are truly working as they should, protecting your home from the outdoors AND keeping it as cool or as warm as it wants. If your windows are not installed properly or damaged in any way, contact our replacement window experts here at AWP Windows in Houston to inquire about installing high-grade replacement windows in your home today.