Why Fall is the Perfect Time for a Window Replacement

The fall equinox is well on its way and Houston is certainly beginning to show signs of the coming shift in season. The heat is competing with the cooler air for dominance and the leaves are slowly but surely losing their once vibrant green lush. Depending on the state of your windows and where you live, you may have been able to witness these changes from inside your own home- more specifically the shift in weather. If your windows are in need of replacement, there are surefire signs that it could be time to replace your windows. If you recognize that it’s time to replace your windows, there is no better season to invest in a window replacement than in the Fall. Below are a few key reasons as to why, if all signs suggest you are in need, Fall is the perfect time in which to replace your windows. 

Window Installer Off-Season

Typically, the busiest season for window replacement and installation is during the spring or summer months. During these months, homeowners want to be sure that they are prepared for hurricane season and the kids are out of school playing outside (sometimes causing window-shattering accidents to occur). By fall, most of the chaos has died down. While there is certainly still a demand for windows in the fall, window installers typically have a more booked schedule during the spring and summer. During the fall months, however, window installers have a schedule that is a little more cleared up, leaving them more flexibility to fit within your schedule.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

Fall is the introduction season to the coldest season of the year. It consists of both warm and cool days. It can be considered the introduction to one of the most intense seasons of the year in regards to your energy bill. AWP replacement windows are all energy efficient. This means that if you have us install your replacement windows in the Fall, you are just in time to reduce your energy bills by up to 30% in the winter. Instead of having to worry about battling the cold by increasing the heat in your home, with our energy efficient windows you can keep the cold air out of your home and keep the warm air in without having to raise the cost of your energy bill in the process.

Cooler Weather

At AWP, we pride ourselves on fast and efficient window installation with every window installation no matter the season. There is a time frame in the window installation process, however, in which there will be a fairly large hole in the wall. During the summer, this means that clients often have to find a means by which to keep the cool air circulating in their home. During the winter, clients often have to find a means by which to keep the warm air circulating in their home. During the installation process in the fall, however, the outside weather is not a bother and maintains the current temperature of the home so there is no need to worry about feeling too hot or too cold at any point in the installation process

Just in Time for the Holidays

If you enjoy being the designated host for holiday gatherings or you hope to be able to host holiday functions in the comfort of your own home one day, what better time to ensure that your home is prepared and ready to display than in the fall? You’ll have your guests swooning over your new and improved windows and with all of that holiday hosting you won’t have to worry about racking up your energy bill to keep your guests from having to wear their winter gear in your home.

Window Installation in Houston by AWP Windows

Upon reaching the conclusion that your home is in dire need of window replacements, contact none other than AWP Windows in Houston for fast, efficient window installation. We work around your schedule and guarantee no-mess window installation, just in time for the winter months. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for your window installation, take advantage of our fall special and give us a call or schedule a free consultation.