Hurricane Windows, Galveston

Like many other areas of the Gulf Coast, Galveston is no stranger to the possibility of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other adverse weather. When dangerous conditions hit the area, your home’s windows play a vital role in keeping your home, property, and family safe from harm.

At Advanced Window Products, we offer Impact Resistant Windows that are specially designed to defend your home from severe weather. All of our hurricane windows meet or exceed the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association standards and have been rated successfully resistant to air and water infiltration by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These reinforced windows have been tested to withstand winds over 155 MPH, the force demonstrated by a Category 5 hurricane. While we all hope that Galveston avoids this kind of dire weather emergency, preparing your home for the worst case scenario is crucial.

Our hurricane resistant windows withstand conditions such as:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tropical storms
  • Hail
  • Strong winds
  • Hard rain

In addition to high performance during the toughest of times, our replacement windows offer high levels of energy efficiency in any weather, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the potential to significantly decrease your home’s energy usage. State-of-the-art insulation technology and double-paned glass also help prevent outside noises and allergens.

Impact Resistant Windows in Galveston, Texas

We take the safety of our customers and their homes very seriously, and that’s why we offered unmatched service in installing hurricane windows in Galveston. We never use subcontractors, so you know exactly who will be installing your new windows. All of our windows can be customized to ensure that all of your home’s windows can offer security and peace of mind. To learn more about our available window replacement services, contact AWP today.