How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Purchasing windows is an investment, but when done right, they are worth every penny. High-quality, energy-efficient windows can reduce your utility bill, minimize outside noise, offer greater safety for your family, and aid in the protection from hurricanes. They can even reduce dust and allergy-related discomfort! The real question remains: how much does the average cost of replacement windows cost? Here, we’ve broken it down so you can find the perfect windows for you at just the right cost.

How Much Will I Pay For My Windows?

There are many factors that can affect the price of your windows, based on national averages. The average homeowner will spend between $2,200-$3,100 on five windows, while they will spend an average of $5,500 on 10 replacement windows. There are several other factors you’ll need to consider before finding the right fit for your home including window sizes, window materials, and window panes. Knowledge is power!

Window Sizes

The more windows you purchase, the higher your installation fees will be, which is why choosing a reputable window replacement company is so important. Different rooms in your house will require different sized windows. For example, bedroom and/or bathroom windows will be much smaller than living room windows, which tend to have larger windows hung in multiples. AWP can accommodate your windows needs, and customize them to meet any dimension, and any room in your house.

Window Materials

A great option for homeowners are vinyl windows: they are the most energy efficient and require very little maintenance, as opposed to wood frames. Vinyl windows are the perfect choice for Houston homeowners as they don’t shrink or swell from the humidity. The durability of vinyl windows are an excellent choice and offer homeowners a broad range of choice as well.

Replacing your existing windows will enhance the value of your home, and save you money in the long run. If you are looking to upgrade your current vinyl windows at an affordable price, contact us today and receive $500 off 10 windows or more and 18-month financing as part of our winter special.

Whether you live in Houston, The Woodlands, League City or Sugarland (or beyond!), AWP is the premier window installation company in Houston where service meets quality.