energy efficient windows

Save Money with Energy Efficient Windows

As temperatures continue to linger in the triple digits throughout many regions of the U.S., the struggle to keep homes cooled down has led to skyrocketing energy bills. Even an air conditioner that’s constantly running will struggle to fight off the summer heat, and many homeowners are seeking ways to keep their electricity usage at reasonable levels. While you may not be able to completely avoid  higher electric bill, there are ways in which you can keep from breaking your wallet while trying to keep your home cool.

One of the most prudent and financially sound options to reduce your electricity bill in both the summer and winter for years to come is to replace your windows with energy efficient ones. Windows that are designed to be energy efficient include features that specifically repel the heat from the sun and ensure that air conditioning remains in the home, cooling you down, rather than being lost to the outside air.

Cost effective features of energy efficient windows include:

  • Low-E Glass blocks 90% of the sun’s rays and is available in a range of tints, glazes, and coatings.
  • Two panes of glass are used in the window, and the space between is filled with Argon gas, which insulates the window to block out heat as well as outside sounds
  • Triple weather stripping fully insulates the window’s edges, preventing leaks that drive up your electricity bill

By the same token, energy efficient windows will insulate your home from cold temperatures during the winter. Estimates state that up to 30% of a home’s energy of heating and cooling is lost to the windows if they are not properly insulated. Homes in regions that see severe hot or cold temperatures can reap the most benefits of energy efficient windows by significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable atmosphere within the home.