Top 10 Reasons Why Black Window Frames are on Trend in 2019

You may have seen them on your favorite interior design show or observed them on a pretty suburban home in passing; black window frames. While the design originates from the industrial beauty of the early 20th century, these windows started gaining more modern popularity right around 2014. Today, in 2019, these window frames continue to prove themselves as trendy as ever.  Looking for replacement windows for your home? Check out the top 10 reasons black window frames are on trend today in 2019 and inadvertently, 10 reasons why you’ll want them in your home! 

Reason #1: They’re Cost Effective

As mentioned, the black window frame was inspired by the early 20th-century design elements. In that time, many window frames were made out of steel. Nowadays the value of steel is a lot higher than it used to be. You can expect to spend approximately 120 dollars per square foot, which can easily amount to a couple of thousand dollars per window. Black window frames are significantly more cost-effective and provide the same timeless design.  

Reason #2: They Provide Great Visual Contrast

These windows provide a visual charm that contains the perfect mixture of modern class and industrial edge. Take a look at pictures of suburban homes with these windows or even rooms from the inside of the home and it’s easy to see that if you’re ready to upscale your home’s appearance, black window frames are the way to go.

Reason #3:  They Eliminate the Need for Window Treatments

When you get black window frames, you eliminate the need for window treatments. While they can accent the window frame, they are also not as noticeably absent on black window frames as they would be for white window frames.  


Reason #4:  They Make Dirt Practically Invisible 

See that black mold building up on your white window frame? Yeah, you can mask that with a beautiful black window frame. In fact, black windows will always have that ”new window” look (but you should unquestionably give them a good clean from time to time).

Reason #5:  They Can Create Depth and Highlight the Outdoor View

Black windows can have two effects; one of the effects is that they can create depth in your aesthetic, giving you a highlighted outdoor view. Another one, depending on where you live, is to blend into your outdoor view giving you the illusion that your view is bigger than it actually is. Either way, the end result is stunning.

Reason #6:  They Upgrade the Look of your Home   

Black window frames are timeless. Many interior design trends such as the use of wallpaper, furniture designs, and wall paint colors are infused with the character from former era’s. Black window frames are one of the very few trends that appears modern regardless of the era.

Reason #7:  They Suit Various Styles  

Whether your home is modern, contemporary, or victorian; the black window frame is a versatile style that upscales the appearance of your home- no matter what the style of your home is. Black window frames are extremely versatile in aesthetic nature.

Reason #8: They Help You Fight the Cold

White window frames reflect different wavelengths of light. Black window frames, however, tend to absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them into heat. How does this contribute to their trendiness? From an economic standpoint, these windows can help you ease your reliance on the heater during the colder months.

Reason #9: They’re More Classy Than Wood Window Frames

Many try to replicate the black window frame look with their wood windows but are disappointed to find that wood window frames painted black actually hurt their interior and exterior design rather than help it. A nice, sleek, black vinyl window frame can do wonders for a home’s appearance.

Reason #10: They Make a Bold Statement

If you want to set your home apart from the average everyday home in your neighborhood; black window frames will help you to make a bold, attractive statement. One that you surely won’t regret.


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