Window Condensation Explained in Fewer than 100 Characters

Condensation is an awesome signifier in regards to the condition of your window. If you are able to identify the cause of the condensation and what it is trying to tell you about your windows or even your home, you could save yourself future issues. When it comes to your windows, being knowledgeable on how to tell when they are in good shape versus when they are in bad shape is a very valuable skill.

If you are curious as to why your windows keep displaying condensation, you’ve reached the right place! As the title of this article states, window condensation can be explained in fewer than 150 characters. Are you ready? Here it is:

The condensation on your windows signifies one of three things; a significant difference between outdoor and indoor temperature, terrible window installation, and a bad window seal.

There you have it. All three of these factors contributes to the condensation your window displays.

Is Window Condensation a Bad Thing?

Not necessarily. Condensation occurs when warm air meets a cold surface. This can happen on any kind of window.

Often times it tells you when you are in need of a window replacement or at least a repair. Other times it just tells you what the weather is like outside. It is important to recognize when the window condensation signifies either or considering it is an obvious tell-tale sign.

Cause #1: Outdoor Temperature vs. Indoor Temperature

During the colder months it is natural to want to crank up the heat, but did you know that too much cranking can mean that you have poor window insulation?

While the bigger a window is, the bigger the view of the outdoors; you are not supposed to be more subject to the outdoor weather. If you feel a draft every time you walk by your windows, this is a huge indicator that the temperature of your home is more attributed to the lack of insulation your windows provide than anything else.

If you don’t notice a draft, the condensation is likely caused by the season.

Cause #2: Broken or Failed Window Seal

If miniature water droplets form along the inside of your window between the panes of glass, it’s definitely time for a window replacement. When your window seal is not doing what it is supposed to (keeping the window frame air-tight), the seal can allow condensation to form on the inside of your double paned windows. Since this excess moisture is not simple to fix, it can be quite annoying to deal with. After all, such moisture between window panes can rot wood and create mold.

When we are contacted to investigate such issues here at AWP windows, we end up doing one of two things; enlisting a replacement window entirely or simply repairing the seal, depending on the severity of the damage.

Cause #3: Poor Window Installation

There is a saying that goes around in the window industry; “A window is only as good as it’s installation”. In addition to this saying, however, one could also say that a window is only as good as its insulation.

If your windows have inadequate installation or insulation, they simply will not perform well. One of the signs that they are not installed or insulated correctly is condensation. Especially when it is not spurred on by natural factors such as showering or huge differences between the temperature outside versus the inside.

Should you find that you are in need of window insulation repair, there are no experts better to contact than Houston’s own AWP Windows. Here at AWP Windows, we guarantee thorough window insulation in our installation. In fact, we are so confident about our window installation ability that we offer a lifetime limited warranty in which we repair and replace improper installation at absolutely no cost to the customer.

If your window condensation is the result of poor installation or a failed seal, it might be time to examine if you simply want to solve the issue or if you are in need of a window replacement. Should you find that your answer is the latter option, contact the experts here at AWP windows to learn how you can take advantage of our winter special and receive $500 off (along with 18-month financing with 0% interest) with any window purchase.