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Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Invite the air of the fresh outdoors into your Houston home with double hung vinyl replacement windows by AWP. We guarantee that our double hung windows will fit right into the aesthetic of any room in your home and provide glorious lighting impossible not to delight over. If you your interior space, AWP's double hung windows will be perfect for your home.

Benefits of Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Double hung vinyl replacement windows are often compared to single hung vinyl replacement windows due to the fact that both appear the exact same. There is a single difference in both that actually make all the difference in the world whether in a Houston home or wherever else they may be installed. Single hung vinyl replacement windows have one vertically sliding sash, which is typically always the bottom sash. This sash can obstruct from the window frame to allow for easy cleaning and producing greater airflow than a window that only slides vertically. The double hung vinyl replacement window however has two vertically sliding and partially obstructing sashes.

Compared to Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

It may sound like a small and subtle difference but the fact that double hung vinyl replacement windows has this additional feature means Houston owners get to enjoy a few more added benefits than the typical window can provide:

  • Greater Airflow: Because Double Hung Vinyl replacement windows contain two partially obstructing sashes instead of one, you are allowed greater airflow than that of a single hung vinyl replacement window, a great feature to have for Houston homeowners who enjoy letting in the fresh air.
  • Easy to Upkeep: It has never been easier to clean your windows no matter what floor they are placed on. In addition to having ability to gain more air flow for your home, you now have the freedom of being able to clean both the top and bottom sashes on both sides of the sashes, right from the inside.
  • Additional Feature Capability:Both the upper and lower sashes are able to move up and down, which is great if you would like to add an additional feature to your window like an air conditioner or screen.

Like their single hung vinyl replacement window counterparts, double hung vinyl replacement windows are energy efficient and on account of this, better for the environment. This means that even in the Houston heat, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard as it usually does because the temperature of your home is slightly controlled by windows that don’t pull from any source of electricity.

Double Hung Vinyl replacement windows are the perfect option for Houston residents looking for windows that are easy to maintain, allow for more fresh air, and more importantly easily slip into the overall aesthetic of the building they're in. Should you have any questions regarding our double hung vinyl replacement windows and you are in the Greater Houston and the surrounding areas, give us a call today for a free estimate!