Window Replacement, Houston

Here at AWP Windows in Houston, we hold our replacement windows to a standard unparalleled in the industry. We believe that quality is paramount and should not be sacrificed in light of good craftsmanship.

Our replacement windows combine both, being created to enhance, not just replace. Your home is your largest investment and windows are sometimes the only thing protecting it from dangerous outside elements.

In the home renovation process, window replacement is a step that cannot be overlooked. Replacement windows can enhance the exterior beauty and interior energy efficiency of your home.

Our window replacement process is efficient and timely, with minimal disruption to your daily life. If you are looking into hiring someone to replace your windows, there are no other experts more reputable than those right here at AWP Windows.

Finding a replacement window service you can trust to deliver a valuable product that is functional, stylish, and built to last isn’t impossible anymore. Each of our vinyl windows is installed by trained professionals with more than 20 years of experience, known for going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results with every install.

Signs Replacement Windows are Right for Your Home

If your windows aren’t functioning efficiently, it could be negatively affecting your energy bill, letting in harmful UV light, or even jeopardizing your family’s safety.

Signs that it’s time for replacement windows include:

  • Visible Damage: If the windows in your home are cracked, hard to move, or the frame is deteriorating, it’s time for window replacement. While it may seem like something meant for a repair job, these windows will only continue to be a problem in the near future–replacement is typically the best choice for your budget and home safety.
  • Sky-high Energy Bills: Did you know that inefficient windows account for more than 25 percent of the average household’s energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy? If year after year, you’ve continued to see your energy bill soar, it’s time to consider window replacement for your home.
  • Safety Hazards: In the event of a house fire or a natural disaster, it’s essential that your windows can be easily and safely opened for emergency exit or ventilation purposes. If your windows are difficult to open–or cannot be opened at all–you need replacement windows, immediately.

At AWP, our customers are our top priority. We want to ensure your family is safe and your home is secure, all at an affordable price with the most-qualified installers in the Houston area.

If you’re ready to find your ideal window replacement, schedule a free consultation with one of our window professionals today!

Benefits of Replacement Windows in Houston

Window replacement should be at the top of the list for home restoration projects with the greatest benefit to the homeowner.

They can yield up to a 73 percent return on your investment should you ever wish to sell your home in the future. New windows are energy efficient, allow for interior temperature control, add great curb appeal and help increase the security of your home.

Utilizing an experienced company to complete replacement window installation in your home has a variety of other benefits, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient windows can allow you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for a lower cost. With newer, energy-efficient, vinyl windows, you don’t have to worry about the shock of a high bill due to your deteriorating windows.
  • UV Protection: New windows can offer valuable UV protection not only for you and your family, but also for all of the things in your home such as flooring, furniture, and walls. You can relax knowing that your family and your home is protected from harmful UV rays. In addition, this feature helps uphold the interior integrity of your home, which assists in maintaining home value.
  • Easy Maintenance: Replacing the older windows in your home with new, high-quality vinyl windows will increase sustainability with their ability to be easily cleaned and their durability.
  • Noise Reduction: New and improved windows for your home will help with noise reduction. Older windows can not only let in the elements of the outdoors, but they can also let in the sound. With replacement windows, you’ll enjoy the high-quality glass that can help shield some of the noise and let you enjoy your home in peace.

The benefits of choosing window replacement for your home renovation are endless. They enhance curb appeal and are customizable; they allow you to feel safe and secure in your home; and, they protect you and your family from harsh outdoor elements such as harmful UV rays.

The best part? Benefiting from these window replacements in your home is only one phone call away.

Window Replacement for Houston Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in the Houston area begins June 1 and ends November 30, each year, but what does that mean for the residents? It means that choosing the right kind of windows is crucial to the protection of your home during an unexpected, potentially catastrophic event. At Advanced Window Products, all of our windows are windstorm-rated and we can install hurricane impact-resistant windows if needed.

Windstorm-rated windows can withstand the high winds and heavy rain that often accompanies tropical storms and hurricanes, while hurricane impact-resistant help you stay worry free–with these windows, you don’t even have to board up during a hurricane!

If you live in a Coastal Windstorm area, you are required to have hurricane windows. See our map for more details!

No matter which type of windows are needed for your home, AWP can help you with the best installation in the Houston area.

Modern Window Replacement Technology

In addition to a wide-variety of double-hung windows, each of our vinyl windows is customized to fit your home perfectly. With advanced sealing and construction technology, replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency, UV protection for your home and boosted security to protect your family.

Our custom windows feature advanced components, of which actively provide the best replacement windows for Houston homes. Keeping your home cool during the intense heat and sticky humidity of Houston summers can be a challenge, but our energy efficient windows are designed to reduce your energy bills and keep your home insulated from outside weather.

Window Replacement for Houston Homes with AWP

At Advanced Window Products, we’re dedicated to providing energy efficient windows with stress-free installation.

Every set of our replacement windows carried an award-winning warranty and a customer service experience that’s won the respect of our customers for more than 20 years. We’re ready to help you select the perfect fit for your home.

To discuss our window replacement options in Houston, contact us today!