Coastal Area Windstorm Experts

If you live in a Coastal Windstorm area (see map below) you will need hurricane windows that pass all of the Windstorm Tests for your particular Zone: Inland I, Inland II and Seaward. All Zones have different requirements and codes as required by Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). As you might imagine, this task can be quite daunting if you aren't familiar with the different restrictions and code requirements. After the replacement windows have been installed, you will need to have a Windstorm Engineering company come and inspect your windows to make sure the windows have been installed correctly and pass all codes. Then your inspection certificate will need to be filed with the TDI.

At Advanced Window Products, we are very seasoned in working with the Coastal areas and will take on all of the extra work for you. We take care of every detail for you, from the beginning of the process to the end.

  • We ensure that the installation of your replacement windows meets the correct code requirements.
  • We contact and schedule the Windstorm Inspection for you.
  • We work with highly skilled and reputable Engineering firms that allow you to receive your certificate directly from their website.

Contact us today for a free estimate and answers to all of your window installation questions.

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