Vinyl Replacement Patio Doors, Houston

Save on your utility bills and update your Houston home's look by replacing your outdated patio doors. Vinyl alternative materials provide superior insulation compared to glass, and our experienced installation team can have your patio doors replaced quickly and efficiently.

  • Double-strength, tempered glass increases strength and safety
  • Unique sill design forces water away from your home
  • Fully interlocking meeting rail and fin seal weather-stripping reduce air and water infiltration
  • A multi-point locking system secures the panel with one easy-to-use handle
  • The door panel opens and closes with ease on corrosion-resistant rollers

Never fight to open your patio door again. Weather-resistant materials and the highest quality of construction ensure that you'll be able to easily open your sliding doors, even after years of use. Our warranty also guarantees a replacement of your patio doors if they become damaged and no longer open smoothly. Explore the many features that set our patio replacement doors apart.

Reliable Sliding Door Materials

Vinyl is one of the least conductive materials available, to help maintain consistent temperatures in your home.

  • 1" insulating glass unit set deep into the sash reduces temperature transfer and condensation.
  • The U-channel design of the Intercept® spacer system reduces transfer of heat and cold and flexes with temperature fluctuations to maintain an effective seal

No Hassle Door Operation

  • Patio Door panels glide smoothly with minimal effort
  • Grids between-the-glass provide a smooth, easy to clean glass surface
  • Vinyl construction will never require sanding, painting, or scraping

A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Heavy-duty extruded screen frame is attractive and operates smoothly
  • Fiberglass mesh screen is crease-resistant and durable

Built to Weather Life

  • Double-strength, tempered glass for strength and safety
  • Fusion-welded construction creates a durable, weather-resistant door
  • Multiple points of weatherstripping inhibits wind and rain penetration

Beauty that Endures

  • Classic frame design provides a traditional appearance
  • Premium vinyl will retain its beauty for years with virtually no maintenance
  • Color-matched hardware blends seamlessly with the window

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