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Energy Efficient Windows, Clear Lake

When you want to lower your electricity costs, investing in energy efficient windows can be a great long-term solution. The professional team of window installers at Advanced Window Products are well-versed in helping homeowners in the Clear Lake area cut costs with energy efficient windows.

Low-E Windows

Low-E glass features the use of passive and solar control Low-E coatings that were built to cut back on the ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass, all without compromising the visible light transmitted through the glass. These windows make for an excellent energy efficient choice.

Clear Lake Case Study for Energy Efficient Windows

This Advanced Window Products customer in Clear Lake replaced their windows in order to increase their home’s energy efficiency, as their summer electric bills were incredibly high.

In addition to lowering their electricity costs, this homeowner experienced many other benefits of energy efficient vinyl windows. They noted that outside noise was significantly reduced, and the low-e coating on the windows helps protect carpet, furniture and drapery from UV light that often causes fading. Contact us today to see how you can cut costs and enhance your home’s curb appeal with energy efficient windows.