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Double Paned windows, Houston

Double-paned windows are known to save energy, money and add to your home’s value. They are but one in a long list of steps you can take as a homeowner to drastically lower energy loss, but double-paned window installation is a great place to start.

Benefits of Double-Paned Windows

With double-paned windows, you can lower your environmental footprint and insulate your home against outdoor noise, double-paned windows have abounding benefits, including:

  • Save money! It’s estimated that you can reduce energy usage by up to 18 percent with double-paned windows in the hot, Houston summers.
  • Save the environment! When you save energy, you don’t just save money. You also burn less fossil fuel and creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Save your ears! When you install double-paned windows, you save your ears from outdoor noise. They keep your home peaceful in the midst of a bustling suburb or city.

It’s hard to find an argument for why you shouldn’t invest in energy-efficient windows, especially in the busy, hot Houston area. And if we all do our part, we can also keep our city healthier by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Call us today to update your home to double-paned windows!

Double-Paned Windows Case Study

Our Houston customer love their home, but is not a fan of the large, noisy air conditioning unit right outside of one of their bedroom windows. The previously installed single-paned window was not providing the kind of sound control they needed to combat this air conditioning unit, so they reached out to AWP for a solution.

When our team of professionals performed a window replacement on this home, we installed a sound control glass package, which included a vinyl, double-paned window, that has reduced the outside noise by at least 50 percent. In addition, our client’s love the fresh look of their home.


Call us today for a free, in-home consultation to see what double-paned windows can do for you!