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Window Replacement, Sugar Land

There are many great reasons to replace your current windows with more updated, energy-efficient ones. In addition to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, new windows can save you money during the hot summer months.  Read on to learn more about why window replacement is a great solution to adding value to your home and the time you spend there.

Why Window Replacement?

Living in the Houston area, chances are high that you’ve experienced the soaring electricity costs that the summertime can bring. Did you know that if you have outdated windows you are missing out on the big savings benefits of energy efficient windows? It’s true! Most of our customers have reported a 30% decrease in their electricity costs.

In addition, updated windows can help protect your home and your assets. With energy-efficient windows, there is a layer of protection from the harmful UV light that often leaves sun damage on carpets, furnishings and walls.

Sugar Land Window Replacement Case Study

One of our Sugar Land window replacement customers purchased a home that they loved, but they were not happy about the windows that came with it. After experiencing high electricity bills throughout the summer, in addition to a couple of leaky windows, they called Advanced Window Products in search of a solution.

Our professional team of window replacement experts installed custom replacement windows that helped add beauty to the exterior of their home. They are so thrilled with their new windows, they have referred two of their friends to our company.

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