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Energy Efficient Windows, The Woodlands

Investing in the infrastructure of your home in The Woodlands with energy-efficient replacement windows is one of the smartest choices you can make as a homeowner. The list of benefits to be experienced when you replace your outdated windows with our new, double-paned windows is extensive. Are you ready to explore what replacement windows can do for your home? Read on!


Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows


While cutting your electricity costs are certainly one of the featured benefits of a window replacement project, low-e windows offer more than just energy efficiency. The glass used for these windows is coated with a medium that minimizes the amount of infrared and UV light passing through the glass, without compromising the amounts of visible light coming through the glass.


These are great for saving big on electricity costs, but they do more than that! They also offer protection of your assets. Your furniture, carpet and even rugs can collect extensive damages throughout the years, if not protected from harmful UV rays. The Low-e windows help to keep your belongings fresh and in great condition. If you want to see how Advanced Window Products can help you save money and protect your assets, fill out our form on the right side of your screen for a FREE in-home consultation.


Case Study for Energy Efficient Windows


This great customer was not only looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home, but they also wanted a more modern look for their home in The Woodlands, requesting that no grid be present on their replacement windows.


You can see what a difference this wonderful design can have on the exterior appearance of a home. The client is so pleased with the look and feel of their new windows, and they are excited to save money on energy costs.


Are you looking for a modernized approach to architecture while keeping your home as energy efficient as possible? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!